Eberstadt's in the Netherlands


Globally speaking there is at this moment in the world one big Eberstadt family. All the living Eberstadt-members descend from Löb (Joseph) Moses Eberstadt who lived from about 1650-1705 in Worms, Hessen (Germany).

The family name Eberstadt is probably derived from the little town Eberstadt near Darmstadt, to which Löb Moses about 1667-1679 is supposed to have fled temporarely to evade the pest which reigned in Worms. He, Löb Eberstadt, is mentioned as living in Worms in 1679 in the house "Zum roten Löwen" (In the red Lion).

After about 1850 the Eberstadt's began to spread out of Worms, first to other towns in Germany and to the United States, later to Great Britain and South America. They all prospered well and became known in the banking- and other business fields or as intellectuals. From origin a jewish family, several of the family-members adopted later the christian faith.


From about 1850 till 1960 there was in the Netherlands also an Eberstadt-family, which died out in straight line in  1966. About 1850 Carl August Eberstadt and his family settled down in Winterswijk in the east of the Netherlands near Germany. At that time he was an evangelist related to the Brüderverein in Germany and the Darbist and Baptist religious groups in the Neherlands

Carl August Eberstadt represented another, from origin jewish, Eberstadt-family which had his origins in and near the Odenwald in Germany viz. the little towns of Eberstadt (near Buchen) and Hilsbach in Baden (50 to 30 km east and south of Heidelberg).


There is no proven blood relationship between the Eberstadt's from Worms and the Dutch Eberstadt's from Eberstadt/Hilsbach,  though there was a time that the  Worms-Eberstadt's were believed to originate also from Eberstadt near Buchen.


Let us enter into detail in the "Dutch"Eberstadt's.

What we know about the origins is that all goes back to about 1750 when, according to the public administration, a Friedrich Eberstadt  (appr 1750-1809), merchant, must have  been born probably in Eberstadt near Buchen. His wife became Elisabeth Susmann. According to the jewish records, mentioned in the protestant churchbooks of Hilsbach, his hebraic name was Isaac Levi or Moses Löb¹, rabbi, and the name of his wife Babette Susmann, daughter of Levi Susmann, living in Hilsbach. Friedrich must have died in Bödigheim near Buchen about 1810, Elisabeth in 1834.

The family name Eberstadt turns up in the public administration for the first time in 1809 when the widow Bessle Isak Eberstadt in Hilsbach  is mentioned with 2 sons and 3 daughters. In another list of 1813 from Hilsbach it is clear that the widow Isaac Levi took the family name Eberstadt. Did she adopt the name Eberstadt because her husband came from Eberstadt? He was mentioned a Schutzbürger (protected civilian) of Eberstadt.²

The jewish records in the Hilsbach churchbooks tell us more. On 8 February 1834 died Babette(=Elisabeth) Eberstättin, widow of Moses Löb Eberstadt, rabbi. She was appr. 84 years old. (born about 1750).


¹  Jewish men could have various jewish names; Isaac Levi = Moses Löb

² Which meant of Freiherr Rüdt von Collenberg-Eberstadt, Schloss Eberstadt.


On the 20th March 1828 a child, Gumbel Featge was born, son of the unmarried daughter of the defunct Isaak Levi von Eberstadt and his in Hilsbach living widow Besseder Babet (=Elisabeth).

On the same day died Liebet Eberstätterin (born in 1800),   daughter of the defunct Eberstadt-Schutzburger Isaac Levi  and his in Hilsbach living widow  Besseder Babet. Liebet, apparently the mother of Gumbel was 28 years old and was buried in the jewish cemetery Waibstadt.

On the 22nd january 1862 died the unmarried Fanny Eberstätter, born in 1782 in Hilsbach. She was 80 years old and was buried in the jewish cemetery Bödigheim.


Summarized: Friedrich Eberstadt, Isaak Levi, Schutzbürger of Eberstadt bei Buchen and Elisabeth Susmann, both born about 1750 and living in Hilsbach (Baden) had 5 children, viz. Victor = Jacob Daniel Eberstadt (see later), Fanny Eberstadt, Liebet Eberstadt, Moses Isaak (no records),  Franziska.


The marriage and deathrecords of Jacob Daniel Eberstadt (1790-1832), merchant, show that he was the son of Friedrich Eberstadt and Elisabeth Susmann from Hilsbach.There is no birthcertificate or birth record of Jacob Daniel, but from other sources it is clear that he was born in 1790 under the name of Victor Eberstadt, Hilsbach (Baden), of jewish parents. In 1821 Victor Eberstadt was baptized christianly in Bornheim near Frankfurt and adopted his new christian names Jacob Daniel. On the 6th of April 1825 Jacob Daniel E. married in Ründeroth (Bergische Land) Wilhelmina Niebel, born in 1801 near Ründeroth. Jacob Daniel E. died near Ründeroth in 1832, 42 years old and Wilhelmina Niebel in Winterswijk (the Netherlands) in 1859. No particulars are known about them.


Johann Carl August Eberstadt (1829-1908),  merchant and later evangelist was the only child  of Jacob Daniel E. and Wilhelmina Niebel. He was born near Ründeroth on 17 February 1829 and he died in Winterswijk 29 January 1908. He married in Halver near Elberfeld/Wuppertal in the Protestant church on 13 May 1851 at the age of  22 with Helene Viebahn, who was then 27.  In the dutch publication "Een is uw Meester" by Dr W.J. Ouweneel, one chapter is dedicated to Carl August Eberstadt, an evangelist-pioneer of the Brother-movement (Brüderverein / Darbists / Baptist)³. As he was only 3 years old when his father died,  Carl August was raised - according to family history - at coreligionists who gave him a severe education.  Around 1850 he must have come into contact with the "Evangelische Brüderverein" founded in that year and which had its base in Elberfeld ( about 30 km of Halver ).  With other brother-evangelists Carl August was arrested in 1853 in Dillenburg (Nassau) for preaching there and extradicted to Hessen.

In 1854 the authorities in Arnsberg allowed Eberstadt and his wife and daughter to emigrate to Winterswijk in the Nethetlands, just over the border with Germany where a small group of the brothers existed. At that time there was no strict borderline between the Brothers (Darbist) and the Baptists and so we find Carl August in 1854/1855 several times in Amsterdam where he had discussions with the Baptist-group, which even lead to a split in Baptists and Darbists. He, as evangelist, even visited and worked under the Brothers in Silesia.

The Winterswijk-Brother community supported C.A. Eberstadt financially and so he could buy a big shop in the Market place where he started a drapery-business.


³ In anglo-saxon countries called the "Plymouth Brethren"


The couple Eberstadt-Viebahn had totally 6 children: 3 sons and 3 daughters. Two sons and one daughter ( 1, 2 and 3 ) remained unmarried and later ran the drapery-business.


Daughter Helena Eberstadt (3) married Karel Christiaan ten Pas in 1889. Their son August changed his name by permission of Queen Juliana around 1965 in Eberstadt ten Pas, of which a descendant is still living in Hengelo.


Son Herman Eberstadt ( 1860 - 1945 ) , nr 4, merchant, married Margarethe Rutgers and had 3 daughters. They lived in Arnhem/Oosterbeek. His daughter Hendrika Johanna Eberstadt married August Carel van der Velden 4) , the son of Jan Dirk van der Velden and Anna Berendina Eberstadt (see later). The son of August Carel van der Velden and Hendrika J. Eberstadt changed his name around 1960 in Eberstadt van der Velden of which there are several descendants.

Another daughter of Herman Eberstadt was Helena Eberstadt (unmarried), who died in 1966 as the last "Dutch"Eberstadt.


Daughter Anna Berendina Eberstadt (nr 5) of Carl August Eberstadt, who lived from 1863-1939, schoolteacher, married the Presbyterian Minister Jan Dirk van der Velden (1859-1947) and had 8 children, of which August Carel (1890-1955) (see above) and Willem Adriaan van der Velden (1900-1981), banker in Rotterdam, whose son Matthijs van der Velden is the author of this note.


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4 her cousin

5 pseudonym of Juliane Gräfin Gatterburg, Schloss Eberstadt.         





Friedrich = Isaac Levi = Moses Löb¹ Eberstadt, born prob. Eberstadt near Buchen          (Baden), about 1750, rabbi and merchant, jewish, died Bödigheim near Buchen (Baden) before 1809,  buried at the jewish cemetery in Bödigheim, m. Elisabeth Susmann², born prob. in Hilsbach 1749, lives in Hilsbach in 1809 and 1825, dies           Hilsbach 1834, buried at the jewish cemetery in Waibstadt, daughter of Levi Susmann.


            ev. Kirchenbuch Hilsbach                         Buch:Hilsbach,  Dr M.Lurz, ab Seite 179

1. Liebet Eberstadt, born in Hilsbach in 1800, unmarried         1. Elisabeth, born Hilsbach, 1778 (See Liebet)

    died 20 March 1828, buried jewish cemetery Waibstadt.

    She bore a son Gumbel Featge who was born in Hilsbach

    on 20 March 1828. Familyname unknown.

2. Son, name unknown.                                                                   2. Moses Izaak, born Hilsbach, 1779, servant.

3. Fanny Eberstadt, born in Hilsbach in 1782, unmarried,       3. Lorchen, born Hilsbach, 1784, (See Fanny)

    died Hilsbach  22 january 1862, buried jewish cemetery


4. Daughter, name unknown.                                                         4. Franziska, born Hilsbach, 1786.

5. Jacob Daniel = Victor Eberstadt, follows II                             5. Viktor, born Hilsbach, 1789, follows II




Jacob Daniel = Victor Eberstadt³, born Hilsbach 1790, merchant, died Oberhollenberg, 16 February 1832, m. Ründeroth 6 April 1825, Wilhelmina Niebel (born Wallefeld near Ründeroth in July 1801) died Winterswijk 12 March 1859


1. Johann Carl August Eberstadt, follows III.



Johann Carl August Eberstadt, born Hahn near Ründeroth 17 February 1829, merchant, darbist-evangelist, died Winterswijk (The Netherlands) 29 January 1908,

m. Halver 13 May 1851, Helene Viebahn (born Kalsbach near Gummersbach 16 September 1824), died Winterswijk 22 October 1891. The family went to Winterswijk (The Netherlands) between 1852 and 1855.


1. Lydia Eberstadt, born Halver 7 October 1852, unmarried, died Winterswijk, 1 May 1910.

2. Carl August Eberstadt, born Winterswijk 8 October 1855, unmarried, shopkeeper, died         

    Winterswijk 3 February 1928.

3. Helena Eberstadt, born Winterswijk 2 May 1858, died Arnhem 25 October 1941, m.  

    Zutphen 19 February 1889  Karel Christiaan ten Pas, died Zutphen 18 February 1914

    (children: Karel August, August (changed his name by permission of the Queen in

    Eberstadt ten Pas, Frederik and Helena).

4. Herman Eberstadt, follows IV.




¹ Jewish men could have various names, also Isaac ha Levi.

² Jewish names Babette, Bessle

³ His Jewish name was Victor Eberstadt, baptized Christian in Bornheim (near Frankfurt 28  October 1821).

5. Anna Berendina Eberstadt, born Winterswijk 15 July 1863, teacher, died Rotterdam 21     

    June 1939, m. Winterswijk 4 November 1887, Jan Dirk van der Velden, died Rotterdam

    7 December 1947,  Presbytarian Minister (children Cornelis August, August Carel,

    see IV 3)., Helena Wilhelmina, Carel Frederik, Frederik Jan, Willem Adriaan, my father,

    Wilhelmina Lydia, Frederik Jan)

6. Frederik Eberstadt, born Winterswijk 7 July 1866, unmarried, shopkeeper, died

    Winterswijk, 15 September 1950.



Herman Eberstadt, born Winterswijk 11 July 1860, merchant, died Oosterbeek

22 September 1945, m. Arnhem 19 May 1888 Anna Margaretha Petronella Rutgers, died Oosterbeek 18 February 1943.


1. Machtilda Eberstadt, born Arnhem 14 July 1890, died Nijmegen 1914, m. Nijmegen 1912

2. Helena Eberstadt, born Arnhem 24 May 1892, unmarried, died Rotterdam 3 October


3. Hendrika Johanna Eberstadt, born Arnhem 17 April 1897, m. August Carel van der

    Velden (see III 5) Arnhem 3 July 1923, died Den Haag 23 August 1978 (children

    Herman4)  and Guusje, (died)



m = marries


© Rotterdam, Drs M. van der Velden, November 2011



















4 Changed his name by permission of the Queen in Eberstadt van der Velden.